Fee Schedule

Contingency Fees:

No Collections – No Charge:
At Kirkland & White our main goal is to serve as an extension of your collections staff, providing a solutions driven team to support your existing in-house efforts. The contingency based system Kirkland & White has in place insures our collectors are driven by fee based payment programs. When you place accounts with Kirkland & White we immediately place them with our seasoned recovery specialists who spends several hours researching the debtors in question, before making any calls. Kirkland & White has skilled collectors with paralegal, private investigating and skip tracing backgrounds. If Kirkland & White can’t get your accounts collected there are no charges, but your account(s) will be in a far superior position should you choose to pursue a suit.

Under 90 days = 20%

Under 1 year = 25%

Over 1 year under 2 years 33.33%

Over 2 years = 45%

Skip File (Out of business) = 45%

2nd Place ment = 45%


All rates are negotiable, contact our sales office to work out something that’s best for your company.